Výběr jazyka

The ensemble Kon Sira, focusing on traditional Sephardic and Balkan music, presents a unique interpretation of the traditional songs of the Sephardic Jews.
The song tradition of the Sephardim, preserved in the heart of the Jewish communities of Northern Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, represents a unique repertoire in which the Hispanic motifs cherished by the Sephardic Jews following their eviction from Spain (1492), are interwoven with the melodic tradition and imagery of the lands where they found refuge.
Kon Sira consists of five musicians from various musical genres. In their interpretations, traditional Sephardic melodies are combined with musical motifs and approaches from different genres and musical styles. The majority of the songs in Kon Sira’s repertoire feature harmony vocals and an instrumental accompaniment which doesn’t strictly adhere to traditional ways.

Kon Sira