Výběr jazyka

Sefardské písně
  1. Por la tu puerta yo pasí
  2. La galana i el mar
  3. Esta montanya d’enfrente
  4. Si veriash a la rana
  5. Morena
  6. Partos trokados
  7. La alegría de Jako
  8. Syete modos de gizar la berendjena
  9. Madre miya, si mi muero
  10. Kad ja pođoh na Bentbašu
  11. Durme, durme


Kateřina García vocals  Barbara García vocals  Predrag Duronjić guitar, vocals  Luboš Malina banjo, clarinet, tarogato, kaval 
Tomáš Liška upright bass  Released by Jiří Mašek - Good Day Records www.goodday.cz


You can buy your copy at: iTunes | Good Day Records


The eleven songs that we have recorded on this album represent a selection of the repertoire that I have gathered from the musical tradition of the Sephardic Jews in the course of many years that we have been playing and singing together. This compilation contains a range of pieces of different origins and musical genres: from the oldest songs, whose lyrics transmit echoes of the Spanish Medieval ballad tradition, to more contemporary compositions, which in turn bear numerous musical influences of Western Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. In all of the compositions we can appreciate the characteristic fusion of Hispanic and Sephardic textual and melodic features with the traditions of the nations with whom the Sephardim have shared a common space for centuries. The link that runs throughout the whole repertoire like a unifying thread is the Judeo-Spanish language, also referred to as Ladino, which evolved after the Expulsion of the Jews from Iberia in 1492 into a specific linguistic variety, and reflects, on a linguistic plane, the mixing of diverse influences which is so characteristic of Sephardic music.

Sephardic songs were traditionally performed in a variety of manners: the romances and komplas were generally sung in unison, by one or more singers, a capella or with a percussion accompaniment. More recent songs which draw inspiration from Greek, Turkish or Western European musical styles, were accompanied by a wide range of local musical instruments, according to the genre to which they belonged. We adapted most of the pieces on this recording by adding a harmony vocal and an instrumental accompaniment which doesn't strictly adhere to traditional ways. We attempted to do so with a deep respect for the traditional material and in an attempt to do justice to the spirit of each song. And last but not least, we also tried to transmit the enjoyment that we draw from their interpretation.